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School Dances

Our “Interactive Crowd Entertainers” are sooo much fun! High energy! Audience participation! Powerful sound systems! Exciting light shows! Big screen music videos with dance floor simulcast and your slide show or video!

YOUR DANCE FLOOR MIGHT NEED TO BE REPLACED AFTER WE PLAY FOR YOU! Teachers, don’t read this: We play the music students love. Our DJs are hip and energized. You’ll feel it.

Students, don’t read this: We play the fun, clean and tasteful music that faculty wants. We are respectful of school rules and always strive to keep the principal and staff happy.
Powerful sound systems, exciting light shows, and the perfect DJs for your event. You can’t go wrong with AAA Entertainment!

Tami Maynard with the WV Dept. of Education says:
“I have had an amazing experience with Joe Kerner and AAA Entertainment. He is very efficient and professional. He is always early to events to make sure he has time to set up and test equipment. This is his livelihood and he takes pride in his work. He always exceeds my expectations. Several of my colleagues have hired him after seeing him at some of my events. All of the students have a wonderful time learning new dances and he has a way of getting everyone to the dance floor, even the shy ones! His “interactive crowd entertainers” really have a way of getting students involved and participating. Students often go back to their home school and request him for their prom. He knows how to handle his audience and accommodates every age group. At my latest event, they had a dance battle between the teachers and students and you couldn’t get another body on the dance floor. I received numerous compliments about the dance party from students, instructors, administrators, postsecondary representatives, and even event staff. I would recommend his company for any event. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.” 

Thank you, Tami,  

Coordinator of Hospitality, Education and Training at the Office of Career & Technical Instruction

You went above and beyond the call of duty & we thank you so very much! …Thank you for making sure all our school dances are a success. The students always have a great time when we have you at the school. Having your dancers out front leading the dances makes a huge difference. A lot of the parents commented that your dances are the best school dances they have ever been to. Keep up the great work!”

FROM: Doug Barrett, Principal, West Chapmanville Elementary
100 Tiger Lane, Chapmanville, WV 25508
Telephone: (304) 855-3209

Your services at our homecoming and prom have been great. 
The students had a wonderful time and your dancers were wonderful. 
Everyone was kind and great to work with!”

FROM: Amanda Webb, St. Joe High School

AAA Entertainment was the chosen provider for our end-of-year celebration. Although they had been highly recommended by several people, I was impressed far beyond any expectation I had for the dance! Our students had an amazing time, mesmerized by the talented dancers that Joe brings to break the potential for any awkward moments that can occur at any dance. The crowd was involved, our teachers were invited to work with the crew and the kids were sooooo happy! The amazing light show was another advantage that this company offers! Beautiful displays kept the kids revved up and engaged. They said it was the best dance ever! We will definitely be having AAA back next year! “

FROM: Shandon Tweedy, Principal, Horace Mann Middle School
4300 MacCorkle Ave. SE, Charleston, WV 25304, 304-348-1971

“As the George Washington High School student council adviser and prom sponsor for many years, I was often faced with many obstacles and a lot of stress. Joe “JK” Kerner and all of those involved in AAA Entertainment truly relieved much of this stress! A deejay and entertainment crew can either make or break an event such as prom. The years that we decided to use AAA Entertainment as our prom entertainment were great. The staff of this company were easy to work with, professional, punctual, school appropriate and entertaining! Most importantly, the staff used input from the students to truly make the prom theirs! If you want an event with great music, impressive lights and video, and a dedicated, entertaining staff, AAA Entertainment is the way to go!”

FROM: Karen Donathan, Prom Planner
George Washington High School, (304) 348-7729